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Stuff I've been dreaming of all my life.Thanks for a great product"
L.V. Micsky Exc.

One day at school in the cafeteria I spilled red fruit punch on my new white shirt. Then the rest of the day I wore my shirt around school and by the end of the day the stain had dried into my shirt. I thought the stain would never come out.
When I got home I told my mother and she told me to put CCLS on the shirt. We poured CCLS on the shirt, it didn't disappear right away so I was still worried. Then we put the shirt in the washer and dryer. The next day I pulled out the shirt from the dryer and there wasn't a speck of red fruit punch on it!
Now after 11 years I finally know what else CCLS can do other than clean drains. I am a believer in CCLS.
J Casey Gresh
Osterville MA 02655

You can't imagine how thrilled I was to take the cover off my cesspool yesterday to find the fluid level 20 inches below the exit pipe from the house! I had it pumped just before the 12 inch rainstorm in October when it was at a level of 14 inches below the pipe. I began using BIO-REM E-D after a call to your company at the time of the October pumping when the lady who answered the phone recommended a shock treatment of BIO-REM E-D followed by weekly treatments of 1/2 pound mixed with a half gallon of water. I faithfully followed this treatment every week since with the terrific results mentioned. No scum existed on the surface of the fluid; it was as clear as water. Also, I use 8 ounce of CCLS weekly in all the drains which flow beautifully.
My home was built in 1957 which makes the cesspool 40 years old. I was getting very worried that I would have to replace the system at a bill of around $25,000. as I'm certain Title 5 would force me into an elaborate raised septic system where I live so close to a low lying area. Needless to say, semi-annual pumping, weekly treatments of BIO-REM E-D and CCLS will be way of life as long as I live here. Very cheap maintenance when you consider the cost of a new system.

I thought you would be interested in hearing of the pleasant experiences I have had in using your formulas.

Your truly,
Anthony Duskey

I have been using this additive for 2 years. In November, I had my septic tank cleaned prior to going on vacation so the whole system could get a breather. When the septic tank arrived,I was on the telephone and was not present to see what the 1250 storage tank looked like, The operator, whom I know, asked me when was the last time I emptied the tank. I told him 2 years ago. He indicated that he has not seen a tank like this one quite awhile. I asked him what he meant. He indicated that there was absolutely no scum except for 2 small pools floating. I told him of CCLS and he said it must be doing the job. I was so absolutely pleased I had to email you and tell about this. I must have a good operating system especially if no scum getting to the drainfield. Our Health Department is flunking almost every system due to IMPROPER maintenance. Hopefully mine will pass. The expense of $170 to clean out every 2 years along with using CCLS is a good investment. I can't afford $12000 to $18000 for a complete new system. It is amazing to note that when I talk to people in the septic business they do not know about this product or they say it is a bunch of hogwash and a waste of money. The uniformed do want to learn. So I just want to thank you for the great product and will continue usage as long as I am here ---- William Bachamn

Dear Joyce,
I wanted to let you know how great the DrainMaster works. The other day I was called out to a local nightclub. They were having trouble with an old grease trap. We removed the cover to find it full of hard grease which had plugged the inlet line. With no clean outs to the trap I had only one choice, and that was to dump 2 quarts of DrainMaster into it and wait. 5 minutes later the solid grease started to break down, within an hour we had the grease trap flowing. The owner was truly impressed and bought a 5 gallon drum of DrainMaster.
Thanks again for a great product.
Tim Wolff - DrainOne

Dear Rick,,
I just had to send this letter to let you know how much DrainMaster and BIO-REM E-D worked for me. About three months again one of my customers asked me if there was anyway to clean grease off the walls of his sewer ejector pit without the pump truck and sewer jet contractor. He was frustrated with the mess, the smell, and the $2500 and $3000 bill. Someone else was doing the job and I wasn't make a dime because I don't own the equipment. I asked if he would consider chemicals and he said what have I got to loose and I told him about $150. He said lets give it a try.

I've got to tell you, I saw the tank and I was worried. The sewer ejector pit handles four restaurants and the tank is seven feet deep by four feet wide by six feet across. The grease was 11/2 feet thick on the walls, two feet thick in the corners and one foot thick on the top of the water. This grease was the hard white grease that is hard to chop with an ice scraper.

I called you and ordered one case of gallon containers of DrainMaster and dumped in two gallons right away. The super called me three days later and said I should get over there and I wouldn't believe what I saw. I didn't get there for three more days. He was right. I was pleasantly surpised to see the grease on the walls was caving into the tank and the grease on the top was soupy and about 20% of the grease was gone. After two cases of DrainMaster we had four to six inches on top of the water and a skim coat on the walls.

I then called you and asked if BIO-REM E-D would eat what was left beause it wasn't getting any better. You said go for it so I put in a case of BIO-REM E-D over a three weeks period and we wound up with two inches on top of the water. I shoveled out the rest, about 150 pounds, and this job was a done deal. The super was so impressed he was laughing as he told me that his tank cleaning days are over. He also insists that I put one injector pump in and a five gallon pail of DrainMaster monthly.

I've got to tell you, Rick, I wasn't making a dime on the job before and now I make all the money and my rewards is a life-time customer. As an added bonues there are no longer any notieable odors going through the building. All I have to do now is switch the pail montly. It doesn't get any easier or more profitable than that. The total cost of the job was up to $3000 and this time it was $756.

Thanks for your help.
Daniel L Cadotte - A.D.T. Drain Cleaning Service

Dear Rick,
I had to let you know the impact your products are having on my operation. In April of this year, we purchased two septic tank cleaning companies. The prior owners sold CCLS, but only in quarts, and those sales were sluggish. My predecessors truly did not understand the value of your product. A few years ago, I witnessed the impact CCLS had on a septic field - doing much more than it was advertised to do. I knew that CCLS was an incredible product.

As you are aware, our companies now purchase CCLS by the gallon, and move alot of product. All of our customers receive your brochure "What Everyone Should Know About Septic Tank Systems" at the time of pumping, and our drivers are constantly complimented on their professionalism. Our market share of the pumping business is growing, just fine, thank you.

With some trial and error - and a great deal of apprehension - we jetted our first few fields. After jetting the field, we installed an elbow and stand pipe extending just above grade. We then poured our BIO-REM E-D mixture into the stand pipe and forced it out into the field with water. We asked our customer to follow this with daily water applications through their garden house, and to monitor how long it would take for the stand pipe to fill with water. Typical reports were: first day 15 minutes; second day 20 minutes; third day 25 minutes; fourth day, 35 minutes and the fifth day, "What do we do now?...ran the water all morning and couldn't fill the damn pipe?" To which we answer, in our best Lone Ranger voice "Nothing Your field is healed. Now use this silver bullet calls CCLS and sin more! Where upon we ride off into the sunset - as our bank is west of town.

Having completed about fifty such jobs this year, wer are now pretty much apprehension free, and probably our biggest battle is to keep from sounding too smug. We estimate we haved saved customers in excess of $150,000 in aggregate in our first six months. We have also kept ourselves very busy, created some new revenue, enhanced our public esteem and imopressed the County Health Department.

We expect that will add FMC jetter in the spring and train another crew. Without your BIO-REM E-D product, we couldn't do any of this restoration. On behalf of all our people, Thank You! and keep perking!"
Ralph Goddard -R&R Ventures

Mr Rick Howe,
I had the contract for pumping septic tanks and grease pits on the Rowan-Salisbury School System.

After grease pit at Knollwood was pumped, the school system called and said the grease pit needed to be pumped again, which we did. This grease pit is a 1000 gallon septic tank, in checking I found the grease build up to approximately 24"deep. After obtaining permission I started monthly treatments of 1 pound of BIO-REM E-D. After the last treatment added and at that time the grease build-up was no more than 2" throughout the year. With each applicatio, manufacturer's directions were carefully followed. I found BIO-REM E-D to be highly effective and recommend its use. Enclosed are pictures taken each month.
Benny Myers - Salisbury NC 

Good Morning,
I can't thank you enough for CCLS. The problem I have now is to learn where to buy it. We are in Sussex Co., the NW corner of NJ. Major towns = Newton, Sussex.

Then, I read the 3 products you have and cannot figure out if CCLS or DrainMaster would be better for my friend and I.

You may not feel it was appropriate but a friend gave me the greatest birthday gift years ago. A case of CCLS which I shared with a friend who also has sluggish drain systems. Everytime I flushed or put water down the drain. I thanked that person. Now it is getting time to buy some.

The reason we are both having a problem now is that out of sight = out of mind. Since everything was working perfectly...

Which would be best when you  have a lot of calcium in the water?

Again, we are so thankful for your company.

Aili Brandt - Branchville NJ